Review of Kwid Climber AMT: A True Experience

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The Renault Kwid has done a great job in attracting people and capturing their interests, and among which the Climbervariant is the one most people interested in. So, we will offer a detailed review of the Climber AMT, which was based on long-term user experience.

The Climber AMT may be a small car that doesn' t need to drain out your wallet while offering you the best automatic transmission in an average price of ₹ 4.95 Lakhs. (ex-showroom) Moreover, its increased ride height and solid all-around cladding make it a car that fit one' s need for both daily commutes and weekend tours.

A fresh look and carefully designed details

At first glance of the Climber AMT, the word “energetic” could be the first word to pump out. The Electric Blue Climber AMT wouldn' t bore you and make you feel sleepy because of the vivid orange line and highlights added by the designers. Those orange spots make the whole car looks fresh and sharp. And the designers also add sharp contrast color in the front terrain protection, which is a smart move because it not only looks better but also could withstand quite a lot of crashes and bumps. If you are not so good at parking and often have some slight crashes, this will be a helpful tool for you.

The headlights of the Climber AMT are also surprising. They are powerful enough to spread widely and illuminate the road ahead well.

Good Driving Quality

Only manual gear transmission and automatic gear transmission are available for your option since the Climber is solely equipped with the 1.0-litre engine. But both the MT and AMT version does well in the powertrain with a max power of 67bhp and a max torque of 91Nm. With the same engine, we strongly recommend the Climber AMT. One of the reasons is that it provides you a multi-driving mode switch button on the console to release the space front occupants, even the space for the bottle holder. Besides, its steers are very light, which means it is easy for you to change lanes easily in hectic traffic. The interesting thing is you would probably get a little bit clumsy when overtaking because of the automatic transmission, sometimes you just want to switch gear by fiddling with the gear lever and it doesn' t have a quick responding. But that just a slight problem that will be fixed by time. 

Moreover, the Corner Holding and Expressway Stability of the Climber AMT are very satisfying. It would be a high road-quality for a car if it were doing good in those parameters and the Climber is doing way better than its competitors.

Space for Improvement

Nothing is flawless, not even the Climber, though you can call it excellent. In spite of the need of a quicker responding gearbox for overtaking, the missing of rear parking sensors is quite unacceptable nowadays, just like we mentioned above, it would be a necessary feature to a lot of new drivers who are not so good at parking.

Another thing is the lack of a super important feature – the Anti-Lock Braking System. It would be an upgrade of its safety if were added.


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