Ford Mustang: More than Eye-Catching exterior and Heart-Beating Engine

I bet that every auto-enthusiast has ever dreamed of owning a marvellous-looking Ford Mustang with a roaring-beast engine. Without any questions, the Ford Mustang has unparalleled performance in almost every parameter. But what’s more than its eye-catching exterior and heart-beating engine. Considering the value for money, we will launch a pros and cons analysis from the exterior, interior, on-road price, colours, ground clearance, specifications & features, dimensions, ride quality, mileage, and safety.



  • Ford Mustang Exterior:

I would not cut my compliment to the exterior of Ford Mustang. It has been the icon of the classic American-style muscle car. As the 6th generation of the Mustang family, the new Mustang adds more rounded curves and takes off some well-defined stick-insect. Compared with its predecessor, the new Mustang has changed a lot in its front part, including the headlamps and front body kit. The front body kit applies the triangular inlet with LED fog lights loaded. The whole car looks as sporty as before, fierce and muscular.


  • Ford Mustang Colours

Ford Mustang has launched 6 available colours in India: Absolute Black, Ingot Silver, Oxford White, Race Red, Triple Yellow Tri-coat, and Magnetic. Although there are not many colour options for your choice, every colour option of Mustang can easily attract people' s attention on the street. With those shiny and fascinating colours, the Ford Mustang is definitely a head-turner vehicle. If you want more detailed colour options information of Ford Mustang, please click here.


  • Ford Mustang Specification & Features:

One of the reasons that people would fall in love in Ford Mustang is its beast-roaring engine, which would make you have the feeling of heart-beating and blood-boiling. Although the Ford only launched one variant (GT Fastback 5.0l v8) to the India market, the only version is loaded with the top Engine & Transmission:


4951cc, 8 Cylinders In V Shape, 4 Valves/Cylinder, DOHC

Fuel Type


Max Power (bhp@rpm)

396 bhp @ 6500 rpm

Max Torque (Nm@rpm)

515 Nm @ 4250 rpm




Automatic - 6 Gears, Dual Clutch, Paddle Shift, Sport Mode

Emission Standard

BS 4


Engine Start-Stop Function

With the max power of 396 bhp @ 6500 rpm and a max torque of 515 Nm @ 4250 rpm, you can enjoy a fantastic and strong sense of being pushed by the engine when you step your foot onto the accelerator pedal. The strong and powerful engine that brings excellent performance is born with the Mustang DNA. And you’ve got driving options from fun to energetic when you are driving due to the unique trims. Just imagine this kind of rapid acceleration would make one fall in love with Mustang. Moreover, let’s take a looks at the suspensions, brakes & steering:

Suspension Front

Double ball joint MacPherson strut with stabillzer bar

Suspension Rear

Integral link independent with coil springs and stabillzer bar

Front Brake Type


Rear Brake Type


Steering Type

Power assisted (Electric)


Alloy Wheels

Spare Wheel


Front Tyres

255 / 40 R19

Rear Tyres

275 / 40 R19

  • Ford Mustang Petrol mileage:

According to the official claimed statistics, Ford Mustang has a mileage performance of 23.5kmpl, and from the real world situation test, we can learn that the actual mileage of Mustang is 25.2 kmpl, even better than the official statistics, which is quite surprising. And the Mustang also beats its main competitors in mileage: Porsche 718 (22kmpl), Mercedes-Benz-C-Coupe (11.9kmpl), BMW M2 (10.63kmpl), and BMW Z4 (14.37kmpl).


  • Ford Mustang Dimensions (length/width/height):


4784 mm


1961 mm


1391 mm


2720 mm

Kerb Weight

1770 kg

Ford Mustang, without any questions, is worth the name of “muscle car”. You would be surprised by its dimensions since the combination of length, width and height is almost perfect for the esthetic judgment for most of us.


  • Ride Quality of Ford Mustang:

Here is the thing, if you got up very early in the morning and feel very tired and sleepy, and when you step inside the Mustang, the first 100 metres acceleration would be strong enough to wake you up. The engine sound is wild but would not be noisy thanks to the large 5L v8 lump under the hood. Overtaking is very easy since the Ford Mustang is equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission so that you can save a lot of work. The most surprising thing is not how Mustang felt around corners but the way Mustang copes with the complicated road situations. The suspension is good enough to solve the road problems silently with the well-controlled body movements.



  • Ford Mustang Interior:

Compared with its fascinating exterior, the interior of the Ford Mustang would not be so exclusive, even a little bit simple. It is well-featured, but the design looks quite out of date. When you sit inside, you would have the feeling of going back to 1960s in America. The interior design generally takes black as the main colour.

Driver Seat Adjustment

8 way electrically adjustable (seat forward / back, backrest tilt forward / back, seat height up / down, lumbar up / down) + 2 way manually adjustable (headrest up / down)

Seat Upholstery


Leather-wrapped Steering Wheel


Leather-wrapped Gear Knob


Front Passenger Power Seat Adjustment


Driver Armrest


Rear Passenger Seats


Rear Passenger Adjustable seats

Electrically Adjustable

Ventilated Seats

Front only

Ventilated Seat Type


Folding Rear Seat


Split Rear Seat



Front & Rear

Maybe the money was spent on developing the exclusive exterior, and the interior was neglected. The old-style interior quality leaves a lot to be improved.


  • Ford Mustang On-Road Price in Delhi:

Needless to say, the Ford Mustang is extremely expensive. It starts its price at ₹ 84.93 Lakhs, which is a price that most auto-enthusiasts cannot afford. But it is reasonable since the Ford Mustang is a very popular sporty coupe, not only in India but also all around the world.


  • Ford Mustang Ground Clearance:

The ground clearance of the Ford Mustang is 137mm, which is not so good after considering the various complicated road situations in India. But after all, you could not ask for more since the Mustang is a sports car. With such a ground clearance, you don’t need to be bothered a lot when going through some speed breakers, but you still need to be careful.


  • Ford Mustang Safety:

Safety could be one of the problems of Mustang because it only scored a 2-star rating in the safety test launched by EURONCAP 2017, and after the reassessment, it only increased 1 star. If you want more detailed safety information of Ford Mustang, please click here.


owner reviews

Most owners of Ford Mustang hold the reviews that it is the best car for speed and is really fantastic and fabulous. It literally is a beast, which can both satisfy the need for family and sports.

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