What Is the Actual Mileage of Skoda Rapid? – A Sedan with Fierce Exterior!

General Introduction

Skoda Rapid has listed a price range from ₹ 8.81 Lakhs to ₹ 12.74 Lakhs, covering 18 available variants, among which 10 of them are equipped with the manual gearbox and the rest 8 are loaded with the automatic transmission.

Besides, Rapid offers 6 colour options in Indian market: Brilliant Silver, Candy White, Cappuccino Beige, Carbon Steel, Flash Red and Lapiz Blue. More importantly, Skoda Rapid has managed to score a superior 5-star rating in the safety test launched by the Euro NCAP. Click to see more in the pros and cons analysis.

Since many auto-enthusiasts are quite interested in the mileage performance of Skoda Rapid, we are going to reveal it in the following text.

Official Claim

  • Skoda Rapid Petrol Mileage: 14.84 to 15.41 kmpl
  • Skoda Rapid Diesel Mileage: 21.13 to 21.72 kmpl

Skoda Rapid owns the dimensions of 4413mm (Length)* 1699mm (Width)* 1466mm (Height) and its ground clearance is 163 mm, which is a typical ground clearance of a sedan. Under such conditions, Skoda Rapid claimed its official mileage statistics from with a fuel tank capacity of 55 litres.

Actual Mileage in City

  • Skoda Rapid Petrol Mileage: 7.5 to 9.6 kmpl
  • Skoda Rapid Diesel Mileage: 12 to 13 kmpl

Based on our real-road tests and the reports from the actual owners, Skoda Rapid could offer you the actual mileage in the city from 7.5 to 13 kmpl. The actual mileage of diesel variants is much better than the petrol variants. But both of them are quite far away from the officially claimed statistics.

Actual Mileage on Highway

  • Skoda Rapid Petrol Mileage: 12 to 14 kmpl
  • Skoda Rapid Diesel Mileage: 18 to 21 kmpl

Skoda Rapid is powered by two different types of displacement engine: 1498cc and 1598 cc. Besides, the ride and handling are so outstanding that you can throw the Skoda Rapid around corners with plenty of fun. So, you will get a relatively better actual mileage on the highway, especially the diesel mileage.


Skoda Rapid
Skoda Rapid