Toyota can Impresses People Glanza with Its Excellent Mileage

Toyota, with its wide range of sales and after-sales network, has finally entered the Indian premium hatchback market with the Glanza. However, doesn't it look familiar? This is because the Toyota Glanza and Maruti Suzuki Baleno are assembled on the same production line, as the Glanza is a rebadged Baleno. Indeed, re-badging is a common practice in the automotive industry.

Plus, Glanza, with spacious cabin and good quality, also provides lots of features for the standard-spec version but regrettably, Toyota Glanza has no diesel engine, which only provides manual and automatic transmission for petrol engine of 1.2L K12B and 1.2L K12C Dual-jet.

Official Claim

From ARAI tested results, the mileage of V(MT) is 21.01 km/l, while G (MT with Smart Hybrid) reaches 23.87 km/l and 19.56 km/l is for the CVT. These data proved a not bad fuel efficiency of Glanza with the 20 km/l on average.

Actual Mileage in the City

Since the mileage of all Glanza models are just about like ARAI test data, we treat them all as one without further detail list. Then, based on the users' responses and our city road test, the city mileage of Glanza is around 14.33-17.58 km/l which means the mileage gap between the actual and official is reasonable.

Actual Mileage on the Highway

However, the mileage test results on the highway which is between 22.08-24.19 km/l, are much better than the city's.  In summary, Toyota Glanza has done a great job because this set of data is higher than the official data and also better than its same grade competitors.

Toyota Glanza
Toyota Glanza