The New Kia Seltos Seems Unbeatable in Every Way


Kia, the car manufacturer which located in Korea, has invested a lot of energy towards its developed Seltos SUV. Plus, this is the first model of Kia in the Indian automotive market and also its brother, Hyundai in the SUV market to compete for the market share. Seltos had done a good performance during the first showed in India and this made Kia paid more attention to the Indian automotive market especially for the SUV market.  But have to say that Kia did a great job, people have fallen in love with this car because of its design, attractive price, and many accessories selections and so achieved the record results, even the best-selling Hyundai Creta can't defeat it. So let's test if it's really awesome. 

Driving Performance

Engine and Transmission

Kia has provided six types of engine and the transmission combination, Smartstream G1.5 6MT, G1.5 IVT, G1.4 T-GDi 6MT, G1.4 T-GDi 7DCT, 1.5L CRDi VGT 6MT and 1.5L CRDi VGT 6AT. Also, all of the engines meet the emission standard of BS6, Kia also said that they have tested the BS4 fuel.

Steering and Handling

When we are driving the petrol manual version, we can feel that the engine is very energetic on high-speed. Also, the clutch is very light and the engine responds well to 1500rpm and above. When you would like to do acceleration, it can increase speed as soon as possible to get sufficient force, and just like our imagination, the engine is fast and silent. The experience of the diesel version is almost the same, the difference is that the engine can also perform well even below 1500rpm but start noisy when the speed is over 3500rpm.



According to the ARAI test, the mileage of the petrol engine is roughly around 16.1 to 16.8 km/l, and among them, the automatic transmission version is 16.1 km/l while the manual version is 16.8 km/l. Besides, the mileage of the diesel engine with an automatic transmission is 17.8 km/l and 20.8 km/l is for the manual transmission.




※Overall Length: 4315mm

※Overall Width: 1800mm

※Overall Height: 1645mm

※Wheelbase: 2610mm


Just like Kia Seltos's promotional video, the idea of "I'm a Badass" is well merged into the latest Seltos' s design. This made Seltos looks very imposing and robust now, plus on its nice proportions and wonderful appearance, this let Seltos become bolder and modern.


※R16 - 40.62cm (16") Wheel Cover (HTE HTK)

※R16 - 40.62cm (16") Hyper Metallic Alloys (HTK+)

※R17 - 43.18cm (17") Hyper Metallic Alloys (HTX HTX+)

※R17 - 43.18cm (17") Crystal Cut Alloys (GTK GTX GTX+)


※Projector Headlamps (HTE HTK HTK+)

※Crown Jewel LED Type Headlamps (EXCEPT HTE HTK HTK+)

※Sweeping LED Light Bar (EXCEPT HTE HTK HTK+)


※Halogen tail lamps (HTE HTK HTK+)

※Heartbeat LED Type Tail Lamps (EXCEPT HTE HTK HTK+)




Its 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment unit comes with UVO connectivity and allows you to enjoy a lot of functions. For instance, voice command, steering-mounted controls, ARKAMYS sound system, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Besides, the Automatic dimming IRVM allows you to call the roadside rescue in case of an emergency. Plus, Seltos has provided a digital Multi-Information display, an 8-inch heads-up display, electrically adjustable seats, push-button start and cruise control for the convenience of the driver. 


The rear is equipped with air conditioner and also the seats are allowed to lay down, which means the rear passengers can be more comfortable through adjusting their seats.

Specifications and Features


※ABS with EBD, Brake Assist (GTX GTX+), ESC (GTX GTX+), HAC (GTX GTX+)

※Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag, Side Airbags (GTX GTX+), Curtain Airbags (GTX GTX+)

※ISO FIX Child Anchor


※Front Skid Plates, Front Skid Plates

※Rear Spoiler (HTX+ GTK GTX GTX+), Electric Sunroof (HTX+ GTX+)


※Sporty Alloy Pedals (GTK GTX GTX+), Premium Head Lining


※9.6 cm (3.8") 2 DIN Audio (HTE), 20.32 cm (8.0") Touchscreen (HTK HTK+ GTK), 26.03 cm (10.25") HD Touchscreen Navigation (HTX HTX+ GTX GTX+)

※Android Auto (EXCEPT HTE), Apple Carplay (EXCEPT HTE), 4 speakers, 2 Tweeter


Seltos was developed well from the beginning in the Indian SUV market and now the driving experience of the latest version is awesome too. The price range of Seltons helps to attract more people and although the fuel efficiency is average but the size is not small especially for a car at this price. Last but not least, the exterior and interior are wonderful, which modern, sporty but imposing and also provided a lot of models and accessories selections. 

Kia Seltos
Kia Seltos