Comparison Review: Honda BR-V vs. Hyundai Creta

Honda BR-V and Hyundai Creta, they both are welcome as well as popular in the Indian SUV market. Consumers are usually trapped in the dilemma. But we will feel less confused if we make some comparison about their ride quality, on-road price, safety, interiors, mileage, dimensions, colour, ground clearance, specifications, features and what is their latest update.

Ride Quality

  • Honda BR-V

Honda offers a good engine for BR-V, you can drive easily in the city as well as on the highway, like a bird flying freely in the sky. The price of BR-V is acceptable for those who have several families. It should be a 7-seat SUV suitable for long travels, however, the seats aren't too comfortable for long trips.

  • Hyundai Creta

You can enjoy your smooth driving in Creta and the brake doesn’t cause hilarious jerk. The silent engine and elegant interior make you feel you are sitting in the back of a luxurious car. What’s more, the handling and grip of this car is amazing

On road price in New Delhi

Honda BR-V Hyundai Creta
₹ 10.61-16.23 Lakhs ₹ 11.40-18.76 Lakhs

No matter the base model or the top model, only in terms of the on-road price in New Delhi, Honda BR-V is about 10% cheaper than Hyundai Creta, which means in terms of price, BR-V is more competitive than Creta and the expense is one of the significant factors that the customers would consider.


  • Honda BR-V

Honda BR-V was the latest released model from Honda tested by ASEAN NCAP in April 2016. Both of its 5- and 7-seater versions had good scores in the Adult Occupant Protection (AOP) with 14.79 points. Because of 5-Star ASEAN NCAP prerequisite, variants without Electronic Stability Control (ESC) received 4-Star rating while those with ESC got 5-Star.

In terms of Child Occupant Protection (COP), BR-V achieved a 4-Star rating with 72% compliance. Seatbelt Reminder (SBR) for the driver is only available on base but SBR for both frontal occupants and ESC are equipped in higher models. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), ISOFIX and top tether are standard in all variants.

  • Hyundai Creta

The Hyundai Creta scored amazing four-star rating out of five in the Latin NCAP. It achieved four stars in Adult Occupant Protection (AOP) and three stars in Child Occupant Protection (COP). But sadly, according to Latin NCAP, the shortage of standard equipment on the car, such as Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and passenger Seat Belt Reminder (SBR) limited the model from getting a better rating.

The side impact test that the manufacturer did not sponsor was not performed. The results showed that the driver and passenger were both well-protected by the driver and passenger airbags in the accident. The body shell was rated as stable and capable of withstanding further loading. What’s more, the child seat was able to prevent excessive forward movement on impact. However, the Child Restraint Systems (child seats) did not score too well during the test.


  • Honda BR-V interior

We can see from the two pictures that the automatic and manual’s configurations in the front of the cabin are the same, except the dashboard. The manual variant’s dashboard has more buttons than the automatic one because of the function each need. And the whole frontal cockpit is simple but doesn't make you feel you are driving a cheap vehicle.

When you look backwards, the room inside the car is more spacious than you see and think outside the car, which is attractive for those who have families, they need a car like this can carry many people. What’s more, the back of the middle seat at the second row can be laid down as a table, it’s considerable. You can have a 223-litre boot if all 3 rows of seats are up or a 691-litre boot if the third row is folded.

  • Hyundai Creta interior

The overall layout of the Hyundai Creta seems more luxurious and comfortable than Honda BR-V, the front of its cabin looks more science-fiction than Honda BR-V as well. There are not so many electronic devices around the driver, which is ideal for those who like the simple style.

What competitive is there are 6 airbags on Creta’s high models, which are driver airbag, passenger airbag and side-airbag front. In contrast, even the top model of Honda BR-V doesn't offer airbags as much as Creta, just only two.

Petrol & Diesel Mileage

Honda BR-V petrol & diesel mileage Hyundai Creta petrol & diesel mileage
15.4 to 21.9 kmpl 14.8 to 22.1 kmpl

Both of them provide petrol and diesel engines and there’s no obvious difference among their official mileage. Consumers can choose the car based on what type of engine they like and what kind of road situation (city or highway) they usually drive.


  Honda BR-V Hyundai Creta
Dimensions(mm) 4456*1735*1666 4270*1780*1665
Boot Space(Litres) 223 (All 3 Rows Up), 691L (3rd Row Folded) 400

We can summarize from the chart that both of Honda BR-V and Hyundai Creta have similar width and height, but BR-V is about 200mm longer than Creta. BR-V only gets a 223-litre boot, which is a little bit more than half of Creta’s, because BR-V offers two more seats in the back. But when you fold the third row, your boot space is much bigger than Creta’s.


  • Honda BR-V colours

  • Hyundai Creta colours

There are five official colours you can choose from BR-V, which are Carnelian Red Pearl, Orchid White Pearl, Modern Steel, Golden Brown and Alabaster Silver, and Creta has Marina Blue, Phantom Black, Polar White / Phantom Black, Stardust and Polar White. According to the official images, BR-V’s standard colours are more colourful, while Creta looks just has black and white except blue.

Ground Clearance

Honda BR-V’s ground clearance is 210mm while Hyundai Creta is 190mm. This 20mm gap may not be a factor that consumers need to consider carefully, it mainly depends upon what kind of road you often drive.

New Car Launch

The brand-new second-gen Hyundai Creta will make its debut at the Auto Expo 2020 and come out with new engine and layout. The latest Creta will offer a panoramic sunroof and share BS6 powertrains, which are 1.5-litre diesel and petrol engine and 1.4-litre turbo-petrol engine, with Kia Seltos.

Specifications & Features

  • Honda BR-V specifications & features
Engine displacement (cc) 1497 1497 1497
Transmission MT CVT MT
Fuel Type Petrol Petrol Diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity 42 42 42
Fuel Efficiency (km/l)* 15.4 16 21.9
Seating Capacity 7 7 7
Boot Space (Litres) 223 (All 3 Rows Up), 691L (3rd Row Folded) 223 (All 3 Rows Up), 691L (3rd Row Folded) 223 (All 3 Rows Up), 691L (3rd Row Folded)
Power (ps @rpm) 119@6600 119@6600 100@3600
Torque (Nm @rpm) 145@4600 145@4600 200@1750


  E VX
Outside Door Handle Body Colored Chrome
Trim Wheel - -
16" Alloy Wheels -
Front/Rear Mudguards -
LED Position Lamps -
  • Hyundai Creta specifications & features
Displacement(cc) 1582
Transmission Type 6-Speed Automatic
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity 55
Mileage (kmpl) 20.5
Seating Capacity 5
Boot Space (Litres) 400
Max. Power(ps/rpm) 128/4,000
Max. Torque(kg.m/ rpm) 26.5/1,500-3,000


  E+ SX(O) Executive
ABS with EBD - S


We can summarize that Honda BR-V and Hyundai Creta are neck and neck to each other. Speaking of use and price, which are important to consumers, BR-V is better than Creta. But mentioning safety, Creta defeats BR-V, different reliabilities can lead to different results. They both have similar mileage but the fuel tank of Creta is a quarter more than BR-V’s. Besides, BR-V offers a big 691-litre boot if you make it 5 seats, which is much more spacious than Creta.

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